Frequently Asked Questions


Is MFSI a collection agency?  Yes.

Will this go on my credit report?  At MFSI, we allow you 60 days to pay your account in full.  If at that time you can't pay in full, whatever balance is left will be reported to the credit bureau.

Can I make monthly payments?  Yes.  Call us and we can discuss an appropriate monthly payment plan that works for you.

Can I make a payment by phone?  Yes. We will gladly take your payment information over the phone by check, debit or credit card at no charge to you.

Can I come by your office to make a payment?  Yes. Our office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Can I make a payment online? Yes. Go to menu on the top left of the page, and click on the content "Make a Payment" and follow the instructions.

Once my account is paid, will I receive a paid in full letter?  Yes, by request.


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